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Saturday, March 6, 2010

As Mase Would Say: Welcome Back ;)

So i made this blog a while ago and i... well.. i totally forgot i had it! and its kinda funny because my first post was right before my Birthday in April.. well what do you know, its March right now, April is right around the corner again, so that means..... my Birthday... AGAIN! i feel like time flies way to fast, i don't want to get old.. but they say the older the wine the sweeter the juice.... errr something like that LOL so im back! im going to update my Blog regularly like i wanted to last year..  (keep reading)

i know, im bad about forgetting, but at the time i wasn't as serious, and now i am, i really enjoy looking at others blogs and learning more, and seeing swatches and reviews of products that i really want to try, and i also end up wanting things i didn't plan on ever getting.. thanks to bloggers lol so this is my attempt, and im going to start with a few small posts with what i can do without a camera, my camera is lost at the moment, but im sure its somewhere im my house im a clutter freak so i have to find it.. i wish i could get a brand new one but heyyyyy maybe thats what i could ask for my Birthday? hmmm ;)
Anyways, im going to start posting pics of my Hauls, and start reviewing products, i get asked questions daily on other Makeup Sites so i figured why not? Plus my girl Lucy pushed me to do this, and if my blog flops its all her fault ;P jk girl u kno your my homie... OKAY enough blabbing.. i will talk to everyone soon..
thanks for reading

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