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Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Feelin' EXTRA Peachy

As you know the trend around town and all the makeup girls is....
Creamy Peach Blush on the cheeks..
it gives that doll like effect and is extremely nice in the summer time

Well after lots of searching hi and low and in between Refusing to pay anything over retail, i finally found the pretty peach blush..


i bought a backup just in case ;0)
As promised.. i will do a review on ALL of the Ombre Blushes from the Colour Forecast Collection, with pictures and in depth reviews on what to wear the blush with and how to use the colors seperatly.

If your still searching for Ripe Peach.. Don't give up, i didn't and it payed off!

Au Natural

Don't you wish you could look like this without wearing any makeup?

I know i do..
Well its really easy to achieve this Natural Beauty look with just a few beauty essentials, the point is to look like your wearing no makeup, while actually wearing it.. the technique is simple- blend blend blend!!

You will need a dewy foundation, a concealer and a light setting powder a natural bronzer, a light brown eyeshadow and a brow product..


Monday, March 8, 2010

Feelin' Peachy

Every so often MAC will put out a collection and there will  be ONE product that steals the show and becomes HYPE in the makeup world... Meaning- Everyone has to have it!! even if its not there color, its just the Limited Edition/Hard to Find that makes it so exiting to get, when you actually get it, the Hype may die down, but you can relax knowing that you at least have one.. 

So what's Hype right now?


Sunday, March 7, 2010

 The Beautiful Kim Kardashian in a Stunning Black and Nude Form Fitting Number Celebrating her fragrance launch in Vegas at club Tao
Her style and makeup is flawless as usual.. 
i would love to try her perfume, its a mix of tuberose, gardenia, and jasmine and other light scents, i have heard that it resembles the Original Michael Kors.. if thats true i will love it because that's the perfume i wear everyday, its very Voluptuous and Feminine and sexy..

Have you tried the Kim Kardashian Perfume? Do you like it?

R.I.P Alexander McQueen

Daphne Guiness draped Head to Toe in Alexander McQueen, this look reminds me of Alice in Wonderland With a Vogue Twist.. Standing Next to NARS Francois one of my favorite Makeup Artists of all times.
Alexander is a Fashion Icon who i looked up to, i was so exited when he worked with MAC and made a wonderful collection with gorgeous colors, his work and fashion will always be appreciate and he will be greatly missed..

Miss Dior

I'm not a huge fan of lip gloss, infact i wear it as little as possible, i like lipsticks mainly and i prefer satin or matte finish, however when i want a little gloss i will wear the cremesheen finish from MAC and it gives a natural gloss or there lustre's..
But i must admit while blog cruising i stumbled across Miss Lollipop 26 blog.. she shares love for Nude lips like me and has sworn off gloss, but she says she has been using this Dior Kiss lip gloss and now i want it, its like MAC Sugarrimmed but more sparkly and more opaque.. so sexy!


Dior Kiss lip gloss in 008 Sorbet Meringue

Look how Gorgeous this is on Laura's lips.. Love it! 

 Pictures taken from Blog-

Saturday, March 6, 2010

Lucite.. Hot or Not

When we think of Lucite we think of...
Stripper Heels Right?
Well now there's a new Trend for Lucite in Hollywood and its not just for Pole Dancing anymore....