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Monday, March 8, 2010

Feelin' Peachy

Every so often MAC will put out a collection and there will  be ONE product that steals the show and becomes HYPE in the makeup world... Meaning- Everyone has to have it!! even if its not there color, its just the Limited Edition/Hard to Find that makes it so exiting to get, when you actually get it, the Hype may die down, but you can relax knowing that you at least have one.. 

So what's Hype right now?


The Ombre Blushes are a beautiful mixture of gradient colors, from light, medium to dark, so you basically have four blushes in one..
Light to Medium to Dark.. and when swirled together you get a shade in between that is Gorgeous
These blushes are very affordable, there is a lot of product in the compact - 9 g / 0.31 US OZ at US $25.00

MAC Describes these blushes as-
A powder blush featuring a shade wave of gentle ombre hues. Ultra-fine formula provides the cheeks with flawless, medium-buildable coverage and lightly pearled, natural-looking radiance. Limited edition.
These are swatches of two of the Blush Ombres, the Ripe Peach (Most Popular & Most sought after) and Springshine, the only Bronzer out of the bunch
As you can see, Ripe Peach is a creamy Orange/Tangerine color, the lightest color is a Georgia Peach shade, while the bottom is a pink toned peach, when swirled together you get a gorgeous creamy peach color that may be duped by other blushes, but stands strong on its own, its perfect for spring and summer for a nice peachy flush, natural and very soft and pretty ;)

If you can get your hands on this bad boy.. i suggest you do, i can see this blush working for ANY skintone from the palest to darkest skin, this would work and give you a summer glow.

Unfortunatly, i don't have Ripe Peach yet :( but i hope to find one soon, i do have the other three Ombre's, my first one was Vibrant Grape, then Springshine and on its way to my house now is Azalea Blossom (Second most sought after)

I will be doing more in depth reviews of each blush, with swatches when i get my Azalea Blossom.. hopefully soon i will get Ripe Peach so i can review all four of them.. there a great addition to my makeup collection and i think MAC did a great job on these :)

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