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Saturday, March 6, 2010

Lucite.. Hot or Not

When we think of Lucite we think of...
Stripper Heels Right?
Well now there's a new Trend for Lucite in Hollywood and its not just for Pole Dancing anymore....

Lucite is taking over the runways and streets of Hollywood from Celebs from Jennifer Lopez to Mary Kate & Ashley Olsen

This Pair is by Stella McCartney.. i think these are gorgeous

These remind me of a Flower Girl gone wild LOL 
There Pretty Though ;0)

These are so Beautiful, a work of art!

I would rock these with a pair of skinny jeans like its no body's business

I think i am LOVING Lucite xoxo

But wait.. Marylin Monroe was the first to make Lucite HOTT go Marylin!
She could make anything look sexy couldn't she?

Now THIS is calling my name.. i HAVE to have it! A Lucite Fendi Bag from there Spring Line 2010 ;)
It looks like a cushion cut Diamond.. SO GORGEOUS <3
This Beautiful Prada Grey See Thru Bad is Stunning, i want this one too!
It's Obvious Clear See Thru Accesories are going to be HOT this summer, and im alll over it, i don't care what's in "Trend" ill wear it if i like it.. and i love these!

This Fendi Transparent Tote is a BEAUTY!
Hot or Not?

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