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Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Au Natural

Don't you wish you could look like this without wearing any makeup?

I know i do..
Well its really easy to achieve this Natural Beauty look with just a few beauty essentials, the point is to look like your wearing no makeup, while actually wearing it.. the technique is simple- blend blend blend!!

You will need a dewy foundation, a concealer and a light setting powder a natural bronzer, a light brown eyeshadow and a brow product..


Kim Kardashian is known for wearing very glamorous makeup, she looks stunning here, and its really easy..

all you need to do is apply a dewy finish foundation, i like to use MAC Studio Sculpt.. it has a dewy effect without looking shiny, you want to blend that in so its flawless and your face looks even and perfected.. the dewy finish helps it to look like your natural skin..

then you want to take a concealer, one that matches your normal skintone Kim normally wears a lighter shade to brighten her face but in this case you want your under eyes to match the rest of your face, once your concealer is applied blend over that with a brush so you cant tell you applied any concealer..

once your face is perfected.. take a natural matte bronzer, nothing with shimmer, all natural looks don't require shimmer ;) apply it to the apples of your cheeks, and a bit in your hallows to contour, along the sides of your nose to contour and a bit on your jawline and forehead.. make sure the bronzer isn't too warm toned, an ashtone is what you need.. something like NYX Taupe Blush. you want it to look like there is just a natural shadow on your cheeks..

take a brown eyeshadow, MAC Cork or Wedge will do perfectly, apply to your lids lightly with a fluffy brush and blend out a little bit above your lid..
then take the same eyeshadow with a pencil brush like the MAC 219 and apply it thickly under the eye on your lash line, smoke it out so it gives a shadow effect.. its all about shadows and natural curves ;)

and perfect your brows, natural is the key, only fill in the sparse areas and don't get too heavy.. 
fill in your brows way less than you normally would.. it may look strange to you but to others it will look really pretty.

mascara time ;) apply mascara liberally to your lashes, this is the only glamorous part of the face that you want to play up, it will bring focus to your eyes and make your natural eye color pop.
finally finish off with a nude/pink lipstick.. i would suggest a grey toned pink, it goes along with the nautral look, nothing baby pink or too warm, MAC Blankety would be perfect.. apply lightly with no lip liner and pat your lips.

Viola! your done, no time at all, very natural look
(and people will be jelous you look so good without makeup.... or so they think ;)

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