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Saturday, March 6, 2010

Oldies But Goodies ;) ....

Last Night i watched an Array of Movies that i love and haven't seen in a long time.. i love snuggling up with that special someone ...... or my kittie cat :) and watching old Movies, im not impressed with Movies out nowdays, there not as funky, the story lines are predictable.. i guess im into cheesy movies, i still watch Disney Movies all the time, i collect them, i have a major addiction to movies.. im going to start posting "Movie of the Week" since i watch so many of them!!

Movie #1 Bully 2001

I love this movie.. its gory and extremely sexual but something about it reminds me of being in High School ... so young and naive thinking your problems would never go away, something about this gave me an adrenaline rush and kept me on the edge of my seat.. even though i have watched this about five times, it never gets old!
Marty is the main cute boy in the film, he is always being slapped around by his "best friend" Bobby

This is "Bobby" and Bobby pushes things to far..

Marty's Girlfriend invites her friends over to help her plan Bobby's murder

Lots of Planning.. notice Marty's girlfriends obsessive look in her eyes..
Its decided... Bobby will die...

Bobby died. A very Gory death.. it was hard to watch, they really messed this dude up, part of you says yeahhhh get him!! cus Bobby is a Douche.. but the other human part of you says OMG Stop!!

I love Bully.. its a good movie, i think im going to buy it, its all about Adolescence and making mistakes that cant be undone.. the suspense is high in this film.. not a dull moment thats for sure
**** 4 Stars

Movie #2 Fear 1996
Ahhh.. Typical Love Story.. 
Innocent Girl meets Bad Boy.. They fall in love

Its Nicole's first love, losing her virginity to David, he beats up her friend, she gets hit in the eye, causing a nice shiner, daddy find out and wants David....Gone!

Daddy warns David to leave, poking him in the chest, David punches himself in the chest making Daddy look like the bad guy..

Nicole runs away with David and everything is "Perfect" again.. aww how sweet. Until Nicole finds David cozied up to her best friend... Again... Goodbye David.

David is now very angry and even more obsessed with what he can't have, this is the infamous scene where he carves "Nicole 4 Eva" in his chest .. how romantic.. 

The story ends with David and all of his Thuggish friends breaking into Nicoles house, ruffing up the family.. and ultimately they all die..
Bad guys lose.. good guys Win.

Overall, this movie is a classic for me, then again, anything with Mark Wahlbergs Abs in it is classic to me.... i would give this movie ****4 stars, i know Mark has a 6 pack.. but it will do ;)
Lets just stare at this hunk of meat... mmmm ;) LOL
Movie #3 Baby Boy 2001

This Movie is a guide for all the women with Men who wont grow up.. if you haven't seen it.. watch it ;)

Jodi is a grown man, still living with his mamma, who has a new boyfriend in her life and wants Jodi out, but he cant imagine life without his mamma, even though he has a family of his own, he still sits home eating cereal watching cartoons and riding a lowrider bike to see his "homies" in..

This is my favorite scene with Jodi and Yvette outside on the balcony fighting like crazy, while the old white women stares.. lol nosey... i love this part because shes telling Jodi to grow up and how she hates him and he says he hates her.. and after they fight.. they have makeup sex.. but its a deep scene in the movie and it makes a lot of sense to girls like me who have been in relationships that we want to leave but don't because we "love" him soooo much..

In the end... Jodi DOES grow up :) and takes care of his baby boy and his girl, it gives hope to us who think our men will never get to that stage, they all have the chance too, but need to want to be there, no one can force a man to grow up, or change, thats one thing i have learned in my relationships, but another thing i have learned is.. when they do want to change, and they finally do..things are sure great ;)
Bigs thumbs up to Baby Boy, i give it *****5 stars way up

Thats it for my mini Movie Reviews, i will have more next weekend.. any good ones you can rec for me based on the movies i just listed? 
Thanks for Reading..
Ciao Bellas XOXO

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