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Saturday, March 6, 2010

So as you all know, the new MAC Collection is out.. "Too Fabulous" which fits the bill perfectly, it IS a FABULOUS collection, beautiful Mineralize Blushes, Neutral Lip Liners and Cremesheen Glass.. Very Neutral, Very Spring and Summery, and i love that this is a small but powerful collection ;)

Mineralize Blush
Two Virtues Blush- Shade 1. Light Blue Pink
Shade 2. Light Violet
Rhapsody In Two- Shade 1. Light Pale Pink
Shade 2. Pale Peach
Chic Couple- Shade 1. Light Yellow Brown
Shade 2. Dark Peach
Bi-Tone- Shade 1. Rose Bronzer
Shade 2. Copper Bronze
Buddy Up- Shade 1. Dirty Rose
Shade 2. Neutral Yellow Pink
Sun & Moon- Shade 1. Neutral Brown
Shade 2. Pink Brown

Lip Liners
Boldy Bare- Dirty Red Brown
Mouth Off- Deep Peach Coral
Trimmed In Pink- Bright Blue Pink
Chestnut- Intense Brown
Naked Liner- Light Neutral
In Synch- Bright Yellow Pink

Cremesheen Glass
Fashion Scoop- Clear Pink
Partial Pink- Light Creamy Yellow Pink with light Gold Pearl
Boy Bait- Light Neutral Beige with Pearl
Richer, Lusher- Peach Coral
Just Superb- Dirty Neutral Pink
Deelight- Mid Tone Neutral
Over Indulgence- Neutral Brown
Loud & Lovely- Blue Pink
Double Dare- Coral Red

This collection is a nice spring pick me up, with the neutrals lipliners and the juicy creamy glasses and the highly pigmented blushes, the colors are very neutral, yet with a pop of color.. the lavender purples, the beiges and a nice light highlighter from the blushes, the light neutrals and pinks from the lipliners and the non shimmer creamy glosses from the cremesheen glasses makes for a perfect little collection to start of the year!

My Favorites-
Two Virtues
Chic Couple
Sun & Moon
Naked Liner
In Synch Liner
Boldy Bare Liner
& Possibly Boy Bait Cremesheen Glass (which by the way is a repromote)

Im looking forward to picking a few things up, and of course, i will post pics and do a review here ;)


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