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Saturday, March 6, 2010

Smoked Out Baby XOXO

The BEAUTIFUL Miss Kim Kardashian Smokey Doll Look for KUWTK Promo
One of my ALL time favorite Makeup Artists is Mr. Troy Jensen, his work is not only genius, but easy to do since he takes the time to post what he uses on his clients & exactly how to apply on his blog.. i check there a lot for ideas on looks and to see whats in style, he did a look on Kim for her KUWTK Promo for there last season, this look to me is the ultimate smokey eye bronze goddess.. its very easy to do, I'm going to give you Troy's steps and Products, then i will show you a cheaper way with different options to do the same look with Makeup you might already have.. Enjoy Doll's <3

These are all of the products he used for this look

Photo Taken from Troy Jensen Blog

These are the steps Troy Used to apply the makeup above on Kim, it turned out flawless & beautiful, his work is stunning isn't it?
Steps to Kim’s Sexy Look
Step 1: Use a light moisturizer and eye cream to prepare the skin.
Step 2: Dab a touch of concealer under the eyes, around the mouth, and anywhere to conceal skin imperfections. Blend with a foundation brush.
Step 3: Dab a touch of pale beige liquid shimmer at the top of the cheek bones, above the lip, and down the center of the nose. Blend well with the same foundation brush you used with the concealer. Then apply the liquid foundation across the forehead, down the jawline, and into the neck, blending with your foundation brush and making sure you blend well into the skin.
Step 4: Set with pressed powder.
Step 5: Apply powder cheek color, starting with the apples of the cheek and blending upward toward the hairline. Blend well.
Step 6: Start eyes with a well-groomed brow and using your powder eye-shadow duo, dust the light shade just below the brow and the darker shade over the entire eye lid and below the lower lash line, creating a smokey effect. Blending upward but not too cat-like. Then line entire eye with black eyeliner and blend with a sponge applicator or q-tip. Curl and coat your lashes.
Step 7: Line your lips with a neutral lip-liner, if needed, for added definition or just simply apply the pale pink lipstick to the entire lips and top off with the shimmering lip gloss.
Step 8: Nails should be black with a touch of top coat for added shine.

-Since these steps are still exactly how your going to apply the makeup, i won't need to take you step by step.. but i will give you other makeup options, but these are just my rec's you can use anything you have in your stash, its not the makeup.. its the artist ;) okay.. ill go by numbers from Troy's list.. READY?

1- Prepping the face with moisturizer, you always want to do this, not only is it good and healthy for your face, but it helps the foundation last longer, and not look so cakey at the end of the day, a really good light moisturizer that works as a base and keeps you fresh all day is Clinique's Dramatically Different Lotion this is an amazing moisturizer that is light, not heavy feeling or greasy, works great with all foundations and wont melt off your foundation when its hot in the summer

2- Concealing.. now this in my opinion is probably the most important part of the look, Kim's favorite part of getting her makeup done is the concealer under her eyes, you definitely don't need a high end brand for this, however, i happen to have this YSL Concealer Troy uses and it is fabulous and does the job well.. however, it doesn't come in many shades, and since this has more of a "brightening" effect, you want a lighter AND fleshtone concealer, i highly suggest MAC Studio Finish Concealer for this, its very creamy, full coverage, and is pretty inexpensive compared to most.. you will need a shade for your skintone to conceal, and a lighter shade to highlight.. you probably have a concealer that's too light for you lying around somewhere, we all do ;) Troy used a foundation brush to apply the concealer on Kim.. this is subjective, i prefer using my fingers with concealer because i feel it warms up the product and applies it more even without any brush marks left behind, however if you like using a brush.. my all means girls, be my guest... okay so you want to start with your fleshtone colored concealer first, blend it under your eyes and on any blemishes you have as you normally would do.. you will apply the lighter shade AFTER your foundation has been applied

3- Troy applies a cream/liquid highlighter on Kim's face where the light would natural grace her, like her cheekbones, center of the lip and bridge of the nose..
A Perfect product for this is MAC Creme Color  Base in Luna or Pearl (this would work for any skintone but if this is too light for you MAC has other shades to choose from) they seem bright but really when applied they give a nice sheen/shimmer that isn't over the top at all.. and remember you will applying your foundation over this..

Which brings us to foundation, after applying your highlighter, let that sit a second, then take a foundation brush or your sponge or fingers, however you apply and apply your foundation, the one Troy used is YSL Brush Foundation, i don't own this, i used MAC Studio Sculpt Foundtion, it has a dewy effect that went along great with this look.. you can use any foundation you have, just make sure it matches your skintone and isn't cakey or dry, you want this look to be light and illuminating ;)

4- Now its time to set your foundation with a pressed powder.. you don't want to apply the powder all over your face, you only want to apply it to the spots that tend to get oily during the day, you want some of the dewyness to show through, and make it look as fresh as possible, cakyness need not apply ;) 
Now i use the YSL Pressed Powder shown above, i have used it for years, i think its amazing, but its not necessary to perfect this look.. Any drugstore setting powder that matches the foundation will work, if you can't find one that matches, use a translucent setting powder, MAC makes a really nice one, very affordable, you get 8grams of product

But Hold Up-
You want to apply your lighter shade of concealer we talked about earlier to give that brightened effect that is really in right now, some don't like it, its up to you if you want to do this step, but i love how it looks so i love this step.. apply the lighter shade only to your undereyes, blend it until its perfect (or as perfect as you can get) and this is optional but i love applying a small strip down the bridge of my nose for an extra pop, it helps make your nose look skinnier, and i can use that help ;)
Now that your done with that.. you can finish step 4 and apply your powder! apply it lightly where needed and a bit under your eyes, not to much so it cakes, just enough to keep it set all day

5- Its Blush Time!! i love this part.. i really have a problem when it comes to blushes, i collect them and most of them don't get enough love as they should.. but im working on that ;) 
Okay so in the promo Kim's cheeks are Peachy/Bronze which is my favorite look! Troy uses the YSL Sienna Blush but i don't have that blush & if you don't i highly suggest MAC Gingerly, its a peachy bronze, the trick with this is to use a brush that isn't really soft.. the softer the brush the more it applies and packs the color on, you want to go subtle with the blush color and add more if you need too.. i find the MAC 116 Blush Brush works phenomenal for this, i pat it on my cheeks and apply forward to my apples and then swirl in circles, remember, you can always add more.. but you can't take it back ;)

6- My favorite part of applying makeup.. Brow Time!! this is very subjective, everyone has different brows, some just like to groom them, some like to fill them in, i like to fill mine in with a MAC Pencil or an eyeshadow, this part and products is all up to you ;)
Kim's eyes are so pretty in this look, there smokey but its a "light" smokey eye, its still very sexy without looking like heavy clubbing makeup, Troy used a YSL Eyeshadow Duo, but the shadows i used gave me the same look if not a lil better ;) you will need these shadows from MAC and if you don't have these just take the descriptions and find a shadow that is close, remember it doesn't to be perfect, its just for fun!
-MAC Embark -MAC Cork -MAC Tempting -MAC Ricepaper and that's it!

You want to apply Cork all over the lid using a regular shadow brush like the MAC 239, and line the bottom of your eyes with it using a pencil brush like the MAC 219 Then take Embark and a fluffy blending brush like the MAC 224 and apply in the crease only, but not sharp, very blended out.. then take Tempting and apply it with the same 239 brush you used for cork, take Tempting and apply it in the inner corner of your lid and blend outwards but not all the way to your crease, just a little bit..
Then take ricepaper with a fluffy brush like the MAC 217 and apply a soft dusting to your browbone And thats IT!! your done with your eyeshadow, soo simple and pretty..

Now its eyeliner time, this is what gives Kim's look the "Smokey Sexy Look" Troy uses a black kohl from YSL but i prefer my all time favorite black eyeliner from MAC Eye Kohl in Smolder, its amazing for smokey eyes and lasts on the waterline for a very long time.. you want to line your entire eye, the top lid, the bottom and connect in your tear duct.. then line your waterline, now this is the fun part! take a Q-Tip as Troy says, to smoke and smudge the liner out.. not too much just enough to see a little smoke ;) and your DONE!

7. The last and best part of the makeup is the lips ;) Kim is Notorious for her nude lips, i love nude lips and think they are incredibly sexy no matter what look your going for, but smokey eyes especially! Troy uses a Neutral lip liner and then applies a pale lipstick or gloss.. 
Now everyone is different with there lips.. im a lipstick girl, i don't usually wear gloss, i like my lip product to last a long time and im not big on the high shine, but for this look, i think a little gloss is necessary.
For the lipliner, i applied MAC Stripdown, its a nice neutral, blend it really well into your lipline, you don't want chola lips, there sexy, but thats another makeup look ;) so after you blend your liner, apply a pale nude lipstick, i love MAC Creme d Nude for this, it has a glossy sheen to it, and its a pretty pinky pale color.. perfect for the smokey eyes, over that a little gloss, i prefer NARS Turkish Delight, or MAC Florabundace.. both are peachy and creamy with no shimmer.. and there you have it.. a pale nude lip just like Kim Kardashian ;)

8- Now its time to do your nails so you are in full smoke mode and are ready for a night on the town, with your boy toy, or just sitting at home being pretty for fun.. grab a black polish, i used my Wet n Wild Black one.. and a Sally Hansen clear top coat over that.. and Viola... WERE DONE! 

this was a lot of fun for me girls, i hope you enjoy doing this look.. try it, let me know what you think, and i will be uploading a pic of MY finished look ASAP.. 

Thanks for Reading!
Ciao Bella's XOXO

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